Apply for Funding

Thank you for considering Knight Foundation

 We are always looking for innovative ideas that advance informed and engaged communities. To apply for funding, all you have to do is submit a brief letter of inquiry. The steps below describe how, and what happens after that.

The letter of inquiry is the principal way to apply for funding from Knight Foundation. But not the only way. Applying to our open challenges is a separate process. Please go to Knight News Challenge, Knight Arts Challenge or Knight Cities Challenge to learn more.

Knight Foundation does not fund scholarships or support requests to pay off debts. In addition, the foundation does not support political activities or attempts to influence specific legislation.

How to apply for funding

1. Submit an idea (5 minutes)

The first step in submitting a funding request is to use our online letter of inquiry system. When you click on the link at the bottom of this page, you’ll be sent to our grantee portal, where you will fill out a brief form summarizing your project and explaining why you are the one to carry it out. We will send you an acknowledgment that your message was received. We will direct it to our appropriate program staff members for review.

2. Submission of a full proposal (Within 4 weeks) 

If we are interested in a full proposal, we will contact you via email with a link to the proposal form. Materials submitted in the proposal process become the property of Knight Foundation and won't be returned. They'll be used as the foundation deems appropriate. We may show them to others at our discretion.

3. Proposal review and funding determination  

The proposal review may include program officers, directors, vice presidents, the President and Board of Trustees. The timeframe varies depending on the size and scope of the proposal. Our program staff will be in contact with you during this process and will notify you of the final decision.

Knight Foundation is under no obligation to fund a proposal. If we choose to have a relationship, the foundation may suggest various forms of partnering, including contracts, grants, loans, program-related investments, or other kinds of investments and partnerships.

 Apply for funding