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About our Macon Strategy

Knight Foundation invests in community success by creating a system that finds, nurtures and replicates civic innovations built on robust civic engagement.

Our work in Macon originated in 1969, when Knight Newspapers bought The Macon Telegraph, and afternoon News, both based in the city. Jim Knight, the younger of the two brothers who founded the newspaper chain and Knight Foundation, was the force behind the deal. When told of his brother Jack’s dismissal of the small-market papers, Jim replied drily: “In a few years, he will be taking credit for Macon just as he’s taken credit for Charlotte.”

Now, Knight Foundation’s contributions have become an essential component of community life, from the revitalization of the College Hill Corridor to the Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University. We work in Macon-Bibb to find, nurture, accelerate and disseminate ideas and solutions that will build a vibrant community. We combine our national reach with Macon’s strengths, knowledge and people to form partnerships of thinkers and doers, and move toward a bright future together.

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About Our Engaged Communities Strategy

Knight invests in civic innovators who help cities attract and keep talented people, expand economic opportunity and create a culture of engagement.


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Macon Community Advisory Committee

• Charles Olson
• Lynn Murphey
• George McCanless
• Monica Smith