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About our Akron Strategy

In Akron, the birthplace of Knight Newspapers and Knight Foundation, our current emphasis is on Downtown Akron, North Hill and West Akron.

We invest in the retention and attraction of college-educated individuals within the city. Young talented people help increase the vibrancy of the core city, make neighborhoods more livable and help new leaders emerge. We believe this focus benefits the whole community.

We support entrepreneurs and rising leaders as drivers of economic growth, job creation and neighborhood revitalization. To us, increasing economic opportunity means focusing on growing neighborhood centers of commerce, assisting individuals in the pursuit of free enterprise, and encouraging people of different income levels to live and socialize together.

We invest in a culture of engagement through tools and projects that encourage people and groups in Akron to explore, debate and act upon local issues. As Akron keeps changing, we will help residents develop new ways to act as a community.

We also believe the arts can inspire creativity and bind people to the community. This is reflected in our support for the Akron Art Museum, Tuesday Musical Association and other core institutions, and Knight Arts Challenge Akron

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About Our Communities Strategy

We invest in civic innovators who help cities attract and keep talented people, expand economic opportunity and create a culture of engagement.



277 East Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308 (map)
Telephone: (330) 576-2918


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Akron Community Advisory Committee

• Cynthia Knight
• Theron Brown
• Christine Giffels
• Naresh Subba
• Lauren Ward