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Jun 21, 2013

"Modern Impressionists" opens at Live Coal Gallery

Posted by rsharp

The crew at Live Coal, including owner/director Yvette Rock (standing).

The newly-founded Live Coal Gallery on Trumbull in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood hosted the opening of its second show on Friday, June 14th. The show, “Modern Impressionists,” featured three Detroit artists: Senghor Reid, Gilda Snowden and emerging artist Antoinette Connor making her debut. Much like the first offering from Live Coal, the show was a blend of artists with different styles but harmonious aesthetics. Senghor Reid is perhaps best known for his paintings, but opted to show an entirely new body of work, a series of small pastels that he created quickly over a short period of time. He considers these to be grounding, in some sense, for future work, but also highlights the importance for his process in being able to work quickly and loosely in an Impressionist style.

A series of new work in pastels by Senghor Reid. A series of new work in pastels by Senghor Reid.

Gilda Snowden’s process appears to be more about accumulation, with brightly colored floral and lacework stencils layering atop each other to created very cohesive finished pieces.

"Graphic Garden" by Gilda Snowden. "Graphic Garden" by Gilda Snowden.

I was especially taken by the textures in the paintings my Antoinette Connors, with the loose figuration seemingly carved out of dense paint. Though at first glance, the canvases present a deceptively kinetic hand, upon close examination the application and negation of paint is clearly both deft and well-considered.

Untitled by Antoinette Conner. "Untitled" by Antoinette Conner.

Altogether, another beautiful offering from Live Coal, which continues to find footing in the Detroit art scene, founded in its principles of giving emerging artists a forum for presenting their work, as well as a business model that includes charitable returns to the community. This month’s recipient is iO – the InsideOut Literary Arts Project, which seeks to “immerse students in the joy and power of literary self-expression.”

Great second "impression," Live Coal!

Live Coal Gallery: 5029 Trumbull St., Detroit; 313-402-5274;

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