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03/10/08 to 07/31/10
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Journalism, Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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News Challenge Winner Dan Pacheco, Printcasting from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

To enable individuals to create narrowly targeted, local niche publications with local advertising

Printcasting will allow individuals to easily create ad-supported, customized publications with a mix of local news and information. The software will help aggregate feeds from news organizations, bloggers or newsletters, for example, so that would-be publishers can pick and choose among them to create a niche publication. The Printcasting model then will guide users through placing articles, photos and ads onto a template that either could be delivered by e-mail or printed at home and distributed. For example, a publication for reef-diving photographers could include ads for nearby dive shops or underwater cameras. The idea is to pair localized ads and content to create targeted publications.

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Dan Pacheco

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