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03/01/09 to 09/30/10
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Journalism, Media Innovation

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For a free, open source Drupal module that will help people map where news is happening. Part of Knight Drupal Initiative.

This grant is part of the Knight Drupal Initiative, a contest that lets computer programmers recommend the kind of news tools they think the open-source community needs. This grant gives Knight the opportunity to create new media tools that will help people organize online news and information in ways that make it more useful to them. The grant gives Knight the ability to help create the following two free and open-source Drupal-based tools: 1) A mapping tool that allows people to geo-tag stories and see the location on a map of where the stories originated; 2) A news monitor that allows people to aggregate multiple local news sources based on topic or issue.

By the end of this grant there will be free, open-source Drupal-based mapping and news aggregation tools. It is expected that these new media tools will work together or separately on any Drupal site. We also expect this grant to provide clear and easy documentation on how to implement the new media tools. It is hoped that this grant will help lower the barriers to entry to online publishing. Ultimately, this will give individuals and communities news abilities to communicate.

The grantee is Development Seed ( Development Seed is based in Washington D.C. and is one of the biggest and most respected software development firms working exclusively in the Drupal platform. More.


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Project Team

Ian Cairns

client relationships manager, Development Seed

Ian Cairns is client relationships manager at Development Seed, where he works mostly with large international development organizations on open data, mapping and knowledge management projects, as well as on Development Seed's suite of open source products. Having worked with a variety of organizations across a range of sectors and on the client side of web project management, Ian is a translator who helps turn communications needs into practical solutions. He began his career working on public policy communications for HIV and international health organizations.

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