New Business Models for News Project

Research Foundation of the City University of New York

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06/01/09 to 06/30/10
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Journalism, Media Innovation

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For the New Business Models for News Project, to openly produce detailed business plans that will be used to create sustainable models for the future of news

While print journalism has largely set the news agenda for the rest of the industry, traditional business and distribution models are no longer viable on their own. Quality news content benefits society as a whole, but is expensive to produce and a growing number of organizations are declaring bankruptcy or shutting down their print operations entirely. The opportunity here is to experiment with new, different business models to create ways of sustaining journalism as it rapidly changes in the 21st century media environment.

This grant will bring together editors, publishers, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, business strategists and consulting experts to openly build and publish three new business plans for 21st century journalism. These plans will focus on hyperlocal, city-metro and paid-content models, with all work being progressively shared on the web through blogs, Google Docs, video and open discussions. This grant will result in at least three complete business plans focusing on hyperlocal, city-metro and paid-content models.

These models will be grounded in real-life examples and cases, including existing Knight News Challenge projects. All of these models will be suitable for testing by the end of the grant. It is expected that the project will generate interest in this area across many sectors. Ultimately, this grant will encourage more people to participate in seeking ways to sustain quality journalism in the 21st century.

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