Master's in Journalism for Programmers

Northwestern University

Date Awarded
Grant Period
10/01/11 to 10/31/14
Focus Areas
Journalism, Media Innovation

Grantee Contact

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For expanded support for scholarships to computer programmers to study journalism

Project Team

Richard Gordon

Director of Digital Innovation; Professor

Rich Gordon is a professor and director of digital innovation. At Medill, he launched the school’s graduate program in new media journalism. He has spent most of his career exploring the areas where journalism and technology intersect. Prof. Gordon was an early adopter of desktop analytical tools (spreadsheets and databases) to analyze data for journalistic purposes. At The Miami Herald, he was among the first generation of journalists to lead online publishing efforts at newspapers. At Medill, he has developed innovative courses through which students have explored digital content and communities and developed new forms of storytelling that take advantage of the unique capabilities of interactive media. In addition to teaching and writing about digital journalism, he is director of new communities for the Northwestern Media Management Center, where he is responsible for a research initiative focusing on the impact of online communities, including social networks, on journalism and publishing.