Guerilla Mug Assault

The Clay Studio

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04/02/12 to 04/01/13
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Knight Arts Challenge

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  • Philadelphia, PA

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To explore the relevance of handmade ceramic objects in the 21st century by providing a handmade mug to people leaving coffee shops with disposable cups and encouraging them to post about their experiences on the Web

Summary: The Clay Studio seeks to explore the relevance of handmade ceramic objects in the 21st century. To generate excitement for two exhibitions exploring the sociological and anthropological issues associated with dining and the personal significance taken on by ceramic objects for their makers and users, the studio will target individuals leaving Philadelphia coffee shops with disposable to-go cups. Some 500 people will receive a free handmade mug of their choice with an attached tag including the maker’s bio and the project’s premise. They will also be encouraged to post their experiences using their mug and the relationship they develop with it on the studio’s blog and social media sites.

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Christopher Taylor


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