DailyFeats, Inc.

Date Awarded
Grant Period
07/01/12 to 07/01/13
Focus Area
Tech for Engagement

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  • New York, NY

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To increase community engagement feats completed by users of DailyFeats to 15 percent of the total actions on the platform and develop a statistical analysis of individuals' civic engagement interactions through social networks

Project Team

Veer Gidwaney

CEO and Co-Founder

As CEO and Co-Founder of DailyFeats, Veer helps the whole DailyFeats team realize its shared purpose: to make positive action part of everyday life. As an entrepreneur and innovator, he puts his energy toward solving the great problems of our time. As a husband and father, he cares for his family: wife Nina, son Vayav, and daughter Naiya.

Prior to DailyFeats, Veer was Director and Co-founder of Humanity Calls. Humanity Calls was a fundraising tournament website designed to bring together nonprofits, companies, and individuals focused on addressing global causes. In 2010, Humanity Calls, in partnership with eBay, ran a successful tournament for the environment which resulted in donations to dozens of top nonprofits.

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