Behavio, Inc.

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06/18/12 to 06/18/14
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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  • Sunnyvale, CA

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To help people and communities make better use of data collected by mobile phones

Behavio wants to open access to, and help make sense of, the data routinely collected by mobile phones. Their open source Android platform turns phones into smart sensors of people's real world behaviors and surroundings: how people use their phones, how they communicate with others, and environmental factors like sound, light and motion. As a result, Behavio can understand trends and behavior changes in individuals as well as entire communities, and help them understand and make use of this information. With News Challenge funding, Behavio will create a software development kit for programmers to build apps with smarter sensors; build a set of tools for journalists and others who want to see trends in community data; and launch a mobile application that allows individuals to explore data about their lives. [Note: Behavio Inc. is also known as FUNF]

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Nadav Aharony


Bios: Nadav Aharony currently works at Google as a product manager in the Android team. He recently completed his dissertation, "Social fMRI: Measuring and Designing Social Mechanisms using Mobile Phones", at the MIT Media Lab's Human Dynamics research group. His research areas include social network dynamics, mobile sensing, communication technologies, information security, and privacy. Nadav was also a Fellow at the MIT Center for Civic Media for 3 years, since its inception, where he worked on topics of mobile and social activism. Prior to MIT, Nadav worked in engineering and product management roles, and consulted in areas of information security, product design, and business development. He holds a PhD and MS degrees from the MIT Media Lab, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering cum-laude from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Nadav holds multiple patents in areas of social mobile networking, machine learning, network algorithms, and sensor technologies. His work has been featured in both academic and popular press (Technology Review,, Wall Street Journal, Wired UK, and The Associated Press, among others), and received awards of recognition (including Best and Distinguished Paper awards, SXSW Accelerator, IPSN Extreme Sensing Competition, and three Google Research Awards).

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