Safecast Radiation & Air Quality

Momoko Ito Foundation

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12/01/12 to 06/30/14
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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To build a network of low-cost air quality monitoring devices and data collection in Los Angeles and Detroit, and scale radiation monitoring globally

Safecast, a trusted provider of radiation data in post-quake Japan, is now expanding with challenge funding to create a real-time map of air quality in U.S. cities. A team of volunteers, scientists and developers quickly formed Safecast in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, when demand for radiation monitoring devices and data far surpassed the supply. The project has collected more than 4 million records and become the leading provider of radiation data. With News Challenge funding, Safecast will measure air quality in Los Angeles and expand to other U.S. cities. Disclosure: Knight Foundation Trustee Joi Ito is an officer of the Momoko Ito Foundation, which is receiving the funds on behalf of Safecast.

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Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, journalist and activist. He has been featured in Cool Hunting, GOOD, Wired, Playboy, Salon, Forbes, The Associated Press, and has been included in Yahoo’s Best of the Web. As cofounder and global director of Safecast(an open global sensor network monitoring radiation levels in Japan), Bonner spends a lot of time thinking about maps and data. He cofounded Coffee Common (a customer-education brand collaboration launched at TED 2011) and Crash Space (a Los Angeles hacker-space). He has been a regular contributor to BoingBoing and has written editorials for MAKE, Al Jazeera and others.

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