Open Source Election Results Reporting Service

Open Source Digital Voting Foundation

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06/23/13 to 02/28/14
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Media Innovation
Knight Prototype Fund

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  • Palo Alto, CA

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In order to increase transparency in elections, this project will implement new data standards with an open API to provide for near real-time election data access and reporting.

 Currently, election data is produced in many different ways, and delivered unevenly. The service will create a visual scoreboard for use in any community that provides a wider array of information - going far beyond precinct winners and losers to include a breakdown of ballots by type and demographics.

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Project Team

Gregory Miller

Co-Executive Director and Chief Development Officer

Greg Miller brings 24-plus years experience in the tech sector, divided between software development and technology business development. He is also a (non practicing) IP lawyer involved in Internet & technology public policy. His technical experience is in user interface, distributed computing, and digital security. He has significant product management/marketing experience in large firms and start-ups. He’s spent the past 7 years advising start-up ventures. He’s also developed non-profit industry alliance projects. Greg’s interests in voting technology and digital democracy have become his professional pursuit and passion.

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