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01/14/14 to 08/13/15
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Media Innovation
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To scale SafeUseNow, a technology and training product that helps doctors identify and reduce prescription drug abuse; the team will provide the service for free to a nonprofit healthcare provider in California.

Since the 1990s, prescription drug abuse has significantly increased in the United States. However, a lack of actionable information about prescription drug abuse risk, despite the increase of state monitoring programs, makes it difficult to combat the problem. SafeUseNow; aims to reduce abuse by making prescribing safer and more effective. The tool uses data to identify combinations of prescribers, patients, and pharmacies who may be contributing to the problem. This information helps healthcare stakeholders educate prescribers to more effectively and safely treat patients. It also allows them to monitor prescribing patterns for changes in trends and behavior. A successful pilot with one health plan provider achieved a significant reduction in key risk factors. With Knight Foundation funding, the team will scale the project for use by Medicaid plans in California and around the country.

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Patrick Burns

Founder and President

Patrick J. Burns has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and consultant in the public and private sectors. He specializes in strategic planning for product development and commercialization initiatives in the Life Science sector. Using advanced data analysis and decision support systems, Mr. Burns has successfully designed and directed the analysis and optimization of discovery, development, marketing, and sales programs for multiple FORTUNE 500 life science companies, resulting in average ROI of nearly 300%. Mr. Burns is integral to the management of client engagements, ensuring that each client's specific challenges are fully identified and met with successful solutions.

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