Culture in Transit

Metropolitan New York Library Council

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01/30/15 to 02/06/17
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Media Innovation
Knight Library Initiative, Knight News Challenge

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  • New York, NY

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Helping more communities share their histories online by creating a mobile kit that will scan and digitize print materials for public archiving in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library.

Many communities are excluded from the nation’s digital cultural memory because they lack the equipment and technical support to contribute their history to local and national archives. To bridge that gap, two New York public library systems and a citywide libraries and archives membership organization will create a mobile kit, with scanners and cameras, that libraries will take to city branches, so that residents are able to record their historical items. Each item will not only be housed in local digital archives but in the Digital Public Library of America and other large-scale initiatives such as Internet Archive, providing worldwide access to local treasures. While these events provide educational and community-building opportunities, they also democratize the process of history-making — allowing people to contribute to and help define their local history. The partners include the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Queens Library, which designed the project together after meeting online via the platform.

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Project Team

Anne Karle-Zenith

Anne Karle-Zenith, Digital Services Manager, Metropolitan New York Library Council. Anne manages a suite of digital services at METRO, including METRO's digitization grant Program, digital collection hosting service, and professional development programming around digitization, digital preservation, copyright and related issues. She also serves as the regional liaison for institutions in New York City and Westchester County contributing to ESDN/DPLA.

Margo Padilla, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Metropolitan New York Library Council. Margo manages METRO's strategic initiatives, including program development, emerging technologies and member services, and other special events and projects to support METRO’s strategic goals.

Ivy Marvel, Manager of Special Collections, Brooklyn Public Library. Ivy Marvel manages the collections, digitization, staff, programming and exhibitions at Brooklyn Public Library’s local history department, the Brooklyn Collection, as well as other special collections.

Natalie Milbrodt, Associate Coordinator of Metadata Services, Queens Library. Natalie Milbrodt oversees the library’s cataloging and digitization activities. She facilitates the internal processes and community partnerships contributing to the library’s growing digital cultural heritage collections.

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