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07/22/15 to 11/16/16
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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  • San Francisco, CA

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Bringing accountability to the voting process by creating a public library of TV news and political advertising from key 2016 primary election states,paired with nonpartisan fact-checking and additional analysis from PolitiFact,the University of Pennsylvania's FactCheck.org,The Center for Public Integrity and others.

Voters are exposed to large amounts of campaign advertising, especially in key swing states. Though these ads are designed to influence and sway votes, little information is provided about their background and accuracy. To hold candidates accountable and bring more transparency to the voting process, the Internet Archive, with the world’s largest open archive of TV news, will create a public library of TV news and political ads from key 2016 primary election regions. The library will be paired with nonpartisan fact-checking and other analysis from PolitiFact, the University of Pennsylvania’s FactCheck.org, The Center for Public Integrity and others. Ads will be tracked along with facts about their accuracy, source, frequency and context. These widely distributed library resources will provide voters with trustworthy information and encourage greater participation in the political process.

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Project Team

Roger Macdonald

Project Lead Roger Macdonald joined the Internet Archive to help create an open digital public library of TV news, providing a means to thoughtfully reflect upon the most pervasive and persuasive medium of our time.

Tracey Jaquith (TV Archive Lead; Data Storage and Web Architect) was a founding coder and system architect for Internet Archive in 1996, writing multi-threaded servers, crawlers and more. 

Dan Schultz (@slifty) is a civic hacker, creative technologist, and the newest member of the Internet Archive family. He received a master's degree from the MIT Media Lab where he explored the potential for technology to help media consumers think more carefully online. Since graduating he has been a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, a teacher, and a practice leader helping civic organizations develop prototypes.

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