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DIY Storycorps

To build a prototype StoryCorps mobile app that allows people to record, upload and share do-it-yourself StoryCorps interviews. 

Do Public Good Button

To work with bloggers and media organizations to include a capability to take action ('Do Public Good') in the context of news articles. 

Engagement Tools

To allow newsrooms to better measure audience engagement, beyond clicks and page views, by creating an open-source WordPress plugin that will measure “attention minutes” to determine how long users are interacting with content.


To develop software that aids the correction of misinformation on social media, primarily twitter. It would automatically identify stories that have been corrected, and help alert those who tweeted, or retweeted, links to those stories that the picture has changed.

Global I-Hub ICIJ

To make collaboration on cross-border investigative stories easier by providing a secure, easy-to-use platform for reporters to communicate through Facebook-like status updates, threaded communications on specific topics, individual messaging and file sharing.

Market Atlas

To scale a data provider network that allows citizens to collect and share microeconomic data from countries in Africa that lack financial infrastructure; providing reliable, consistent financial data should encourage greater investment in the area.

Open Source Capture Software for Video Archivists

To design and build an open source, cross platform video digitization application that sharply reduces barriers in cost and skills required to enable more organizations to preserve their audiovisual collections. 

OpenStreetMap Plugin for Open Data Kit

To allow easier collection of open geographic data, even in places with connectivity issues, by combining Open Data Kit’s data collection with OpenStreetMap’s data community.

Patients Assemble

To help people with chronic illnesses interact with policymakers through open-source collaborative tools that will allow users to provide feedback and shape issues that are important to them.

Pilot for School

To develop a digital system that aligns current and archived content from The Virginian-Pilot with Virginia's Standards of Learning to complement K-12 instruction.

1—12 of 723 results