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Crisis Text Line

To promote a new model for digital engagement through mobile devices and the creation of broadly distributed crisis data by growing, Crisis Text Line, a text messaging support line for individuals in crisis.

To prototype, an open source tool to help journalists efficiently collecting and disseminating crowdsourced news and data.

2016 Political Ad Tracker

Bringing accountability to the voting process by creating a public library of TV news and political advertising from key 2016 primary election states,paired with nonpartisan fact-checking and additional analysis from PolitiFact,the University of Pennsylvania's,The Center for Public Integrity and others.

Sharp Insight

Engaging black men in elections by recruiting barbers in predominantly African-American communities to disseminate nonpartisan information and resources on voting.


To promote free expression on the Internet by developing HeartMob, a platform to provide those experiencing online harassment with a safe way to report incidents and to receive support from volunteers.

Metadata beyond the Open Graph

To prototype Contextly, a tool to help journalists get better metadata into their stories and provide context while they write, as part of an effort to accelerate and learn from early-stage media and information projects.


Numina is a data collection tool to create analytics for places. We will deploy plug-and-play, machine learning-based sensors in high-risk neighborhoods for evaluation by the City of St. Louis Health Department. The resulting real-time pedestrian counts will help assess local physical activity interventions and inform recommendations for St. Louis' new Complete Streets initiative.


We plan to secure accurate data more efficiently by developing a real-time interface for non-technical government actors to easily update changes to eligibility requirements for public assistance. Efficient eligibility screening helps beneficiaries access public assistance by reducing wait times. mRelief screening forms reduced eligibility determination time by 75 percent from 16 to 4 minutes.

Scaling Democracy Works

To promote open information systems by scaling two voting information tools, while engaging government and nonprofit partners with technology that adds transparency to the voting process.


Developing a mobile app to help content creators make news accessible to many different languages and literacy levels through visual tools that merge comic books, journalism and user-friendly delivery strategies

Digital Library for the Developing World

To promote responsive digital solutions for low-bandwidth communities by scaling a digital library platform that makes robust educational content available for libraries and schools in the developing world.

1—12 of 40 results