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CrowdTangle enables publishers and brands to better track and optimize news distributed on social media, particularly Facebook.


Zeega enables the easy creation of multimedia content allowing seamless mashups of video, sound, gif, picture and text content from across the web.


Upworthy is an online media company built on curating and sharing viral content that underscores meaningful causes, and encouraging users to spread the word.


TapAd enables publishers and brands to serve ads to the same users across devices (for example from web to mobile),  increasing the value of mobile and web ads for publishers.


Senzari’s open graph technology enables content recommendation across media. Publishers can use this technology to drive audience engagement by better integrating music and videos.

Launching a public policy simulator that helps people visualize the impact that public policies like health care reform and school budget changes might have on local economies and communities


Videolicious makes an app that allows users to easily create videos from their mobile phones. is a new engaging format for online news that gives all publishers, from bloggers to large news companies, the ability to offer their audiences a video experience


Submittable enables publishers to collect, review and charge for submissions of text, video and pictures, providing better, more timely responses to audience generated content.

Public Stuff

PublicStuff, a New York-based startup, has created a mobile-friendly SaaS system that lets citizens make real-time requests to their local governments for public services.


Captricity is an award-winning cloud-based service that turns paper information into digital data more easily, quickly, and cheaply than existing alternatives. The company was founded in 2011 by Kuang Chen and Jeff J. Lin. For more information, please visit


Atavist software enables you to quickly and easily tell your story through digital apps, ebooks, and magazines. It seamlessly integrates multimedia across mobile devices and the Web. Atavist lets you publish anything, everywhere.

1—12 of 20 results