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To develop a prototype version of Restatement, a system for the creation and parsing of machine-readable legal text.

Chicago Food

To develop strategies to engage with targeted communities currently being missed through Chicago's Twitter-based food poisoning incident detection system.

Data Experiences

To create prototype Data Experiences, multi-sensory, immersive, and aesthetic interactions that make data tangible, using environmental health indicators. The project will be done in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab.

Data Visualization on Mobile Devices

To conduct a survey of existing approaches to mobile data visualization, identify patterns and best practices and produce a guide summarizing our findings. As part of the work we will explore solutions using Open Web technologies such as d3.js.


To develop Keepr, an open source data mining tool for journalists to track breaking news stories.


To create LouLoops, a mobile app for bicycle route mapping and also a data collection and analysis tool, enabling more informed bike infrastructure planning by local officials.

MoNeCa Core

To create a prototype version of MoNeCa Core, an open source code library to capture multimedia content by citizen journalists in mobile apps.

Sitegeist Health

To create a prototype version of Sitegeist Health, an application to present health data in a localized, accessible format.

Transit Authority

To create a game-like simulation app that allows users to model transit and land-use programs.


To build a prototype of a news aggregation application, Argos (formerly Seer), which intelligently gathers the context of new stories and present news backgrounders in a concise, digestible form.

Civic Cloud

To create a prototype rollout and governance model for the Civic Cloud Project, a cloud computing infrastructure utilizing Burlington, Vermont's public gigabit network for non-commercial Internet applications.

1—12 of 52 results