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PPF will develop digital tools for media publishers that enables visitors to their websites to ask questions, push for public responses, and share answers. These tools will allow visitors to stay on the media websites, but publish questions through to the platform for further reach. PPF will conduct user research on types of questions that online public seeks to ask and have answered.


Colloq is a tool for creating contextual archives of online practices such as social media interactions, due to the difficulties involved in archiving them. Rather than treating them as static objects to be crawled, or big data sets, Colloq treats conversations as highly specific events, understood in context. It offers users a tool to archive behaviors for later micro-level research and citation.


To promote journalistic excellence by prototyping Comment IQ, a tool to help newsroom moderators surface interesting or constructive comments.

Connections: Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding via a mobile game

With Connections, MuckRock will be a mobile app and task management server that helps distribute large scale distributed investigative projects, helping not only tackle the editorial problems big data presents but also helping involve a more diverse, more mobile, and increasingly connected audience into newsgathering.

Digital Security Training Co-Pilot

The Digital Co-Pilot will be a prototype of an easy to use, small form-factor, open source tool that will allow a digital security trainer to simulate a variety of hostile digital environments, such as a censoring firewall or a surveilling ISP, in one click.

Journalism in Virtual Reality

This grant will prototype an innovative live-action interactive journalistic use of virtual reality-delivered over on the Occulus Rift. It will also document the processes creative, editorial and technical lessons. The result will be a full 5-10 minute experience that viewers will interact with using the virtual reality headset to immerses themselves in a 360-degree, 3D visual and audio space.

New features for How Wrong You Are

To add two new features to How Wrong You Are: (1) an embeddable How Wrong You Are quiz format where we focus on a specific topic, and (2) functionality that enables people to participate in our project by adding their own questions.

PARK (Parcel Analysis Resource Kit)

The project will develop a toolkit that allows communities to study the land use possibilities of vacant parcels in their neighborhoods. Using publicly available data, we will build a series of GIS-based tools for measuring fitness criteria of available land resources, which will be shared with community land access projects and published as an open source code library.


To promote journalistic excellence by prototyping Photostreamer, an open source device to stream photographs to newsrooms as they are taken.


PRI seeks to develop StoryAct, a Drupal-based module to give people clear options to act on news stories. Shaped by journalists, StoryAct will display relevant user-actions within the story, integrating them into the body copy where it contextually makes sense. Our goal is to increase the number of people who engage and get involved in the news by streamlining the process of taking action.

A citizen science data broker

A matchmaking service where people who observe and record things of interest connect with people who need their observations, through a map-centric mobile and web app. Data collectors define their interests and locations and share observations with project managers who specify where they need data, (via a simple form) and tag their project with a vocabulary we design to facilitate matching.

1—12 of 118 results