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News21 Project

To help lead journalism education into the 21st Century by expanding the experimental News21 student reporting project to 12 colleges


To enable individuals to create narrowly targeted, local niche publications with local advertising

Minnesota Idea Open

To spread a deeper understanding of key community issues and challenges by engaging citizens in problem solving efforts

Public Insight Network

To expand Public Insight Journalism to an open-source platform and extend it beyond public radio and into Knight communities

Chi-Town Daily News

To expand the local reporting capacity of Chi-Town Daily News and provide a viable alternate local news site

W. Gerald Austen Bioinnovation Institute in Akron

To create the Knight Research and Education Collaborative in Akron to manage six research, educational and clinical initiatives expected to improve Akron's economy and quality of life by bringing in more than $125 million dollars and creating 2,100 jobs


To create a micro-payment system to fund investigative news reports

Freedom Fone

To create an economical way for poor people to use cell phones to create and gather information in forms difficult for authoritarian governments to control

Voice of San Diego

To expand the local reporting capacity of Voice of San Diego and provide a viable alternate local news site

Community Radio in India

To use the latest software and computer-based FM transmitters to reduce the cost of creating rural radio stations

1—12 of 211 results