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Better broadband access

To quantify the necessary investment in the Macon community to coordinate, utilize and maximize all existing assets to improve broadband access and adoption

CTOs for Good

To support CTOs for Good, a group of Chief Technology Officers from nonprofits that focus on mobilization and engagement, and their first in-person meeting on February 24-25, 2011

Change By Us

To launch a digital platform (Change By Us) that changes the fundamental nature of the relationship between citizens and their local governments by engaging them in decision making and service delivery

Change By Us

To upgrade the Knight-sponsored Change By Us and launch it in three Knight communities to more effectively engage citizens in community-wide programs

CitizenshipWorks Innovation Fund

To create the CitizenshipWorks Innovation Fund to invest in new tools and technologies that help legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens

Civic Data Challenge

To provide cash prizes to the winners of the National Conference on Citizenship's Civic Data Challenge, which is co-sponsored by Knight

Civic Data Challenge

To support the National Conference on Citizenship's second annual Civic Data Challenge - turning civic health data into useful community tools

Code for America

To support a program that increases engagement and transparency in government by asking top developers and designers to become CFA fellows, giving a year of service in city governments, including two Knight communities

Code for America

To build an online catalog of applications that local governments and community leaders can use to locate, understand and deploy the best available tools for community engagement

Code for America

To support our strategy of investing in citizen-centered solutions in three Knight communities by piloting the Code for America model, which deploys technology professionals to develop original solutions that engage citizens in community challenges


To build a web platform for local community engagement in Akron that uses trained community organizers and creates a local online sharing network for neighbors and civic leaders to connect

Community PlanIT

To implement Community PlanIT, an online tool that enables engagement in local community planning efforts, in four Knight communities: Detroit, Akron, San Jose and Philadelphia

1—12 of 30 results